I was having a conversation with a friend yesterday discussing the fat freezing results my clients are getting. I put forward the proposal that my clients can expect at least a clinically proven 26%  reduction in the area treated (although we are seeing greater results – without actual clinical evidence I don’t want to claim anything greater). His comment was – so  who is responsible for the other 74%…? hmm good question.

If we could break it down to  exercise 25%, food 25% and emotional 25% – (and yes I realise that is 101% but it makes sense.

25% exercise – output – move to feel great, to relax, to have fun,  destress,  sleep well, to increase your cardiovascular health, increased bone density, increased flexibility and muscle strength.

25% diet intake – eat for the way food makes you feel, the nutrition it givens your body, the vitamins the minerals the fibre. I like the saying – taste the rainbow, eat the rainbow (although from the skittles advertisement.. which is hardly a healthy recommendation) so a variety of healthy fresh foods and vegetables plus wholemeal seeds, grains and pulses really do offer my body the rainbow. By looking for a rainbow of colours and flavours, I know my body is getting what it needs.

25% attitude emotional – appreciate and accept.   I also love the saying an attitude of gratitude. Appreciate your body for what it is, that it has gotten you this far, through this many years,  that it knows to breathe and beat and move and sleep. It grows and digests and restores and stores. This appreciation and acceptance of who you are and where you are, with no more criticism is really tricky. I still find myself using words like “guilty” for eating Easter eggs over Easter, or grabbing onto bits of my body and wishing they weren’t there and have to remind myself to have this “Attitude of Gratitude”

So yes – add these % together and you get 101%….Fat freezing alone can make you feel great, but imagine your could  feel 101% by adding these other components to your weight loss journey or body transformation, and because of this reason – we are working on including these parts in our service We are currently  looking to create a course to assist with these parts of xxxx to help our clients lose weight, we will keep you posted.

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