You Do You

Many of us are influenced by others’ opinions and listen to unsolicited advice from others. I’m sure you’ve heard these before:

  • “Love yourself exactly as you are.” 
  • “You shouldn’t succumb to societal pressure of what beauty is.”  
  • “You don’t need botox or fat freezing or etc etc”

However, by simply hearing this unsolicited advice (even though it may be from a well meaning husband or a health coach) we are still being influenced by them and find ourselves being pressured to do what THEY believe is true, natural or acceptable.

I know that when I spoke about weight loss and my body shape with a health coach a few years back,, she responded with:  

“Weight loss is achievable for everyone if they want it enough.” 

I nearly fell over.  It was like a slap in the face. Like I wasn’t trying at all.  

I was trying, but there were so many factors working against me and my ability to lose my belly through diet and exercise alone – my circumstances (job, kids, household), emotions, energy, time restrictions, metabolism, genetics etc etc.  

For me, it wasn’t the actual weight so much, it was the shape of my belly. It stuck out and I hated it. It didn’t feel in proportion with the rest of my body.  The health coach’s suggestion that I didn’t want it enough – was devastating. I felt like a failure, like I was slack and lazy.  I was already telling myself all of these things (and had been for years). So I didn’t need to hear it from someone else! I kept trying to ‘embrace my body’,  yet I had been trying to do this for years and knew that if I kept doing the same thing, I was going to keep getting the same result.

It took me a while to get into a better headspace where I was able to decide what was right for me. I finally decided: I am going to do me. I am going to do what I know and what I want for my body. I have to live in it and look at it and feel it every day.

And at 40 years of age, I knew it was time to do what I wanted.  And my decision was to have fat freezing treatment to remove my stubborn areas of belly fat. It’s a little corny to say this … it changed my life … but it did!!  I felt free! Free of that constant nagging in my head telling me to exercise more and eat less, the constant internal self criticism and feeling like a failure.

So my message for all the busy people out there – YOU DO YOU! We are here on this planet only once. Why waste it complying to someone else’s idea of what you should do. Again … YOU DO YOU!

Fat freezing treatment at Beautiful Body Clinics

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Fat freezing is also the safest treatment and a great alternative to liposuction as there are no needles, wounds or the need for an anaesthetic.

We offer free consultations in our fat freezing Melbourne clinic – so please give us a call and let us start you on the way to find your beautiful body.

 Author’s Bio:

Linda Tsiokas – (Bachelor of Nursing) worked in various hospital and surgical settings for over 10 years after graduating from university in 1994. In 2015 as a busy working Mum – and despite a healthy diet and frequent exercise, nothing would help get rid of her belly. After having fat freezing treatment, she established Australia’s first Fat Freezing Specialist clinic in Melbourne – Beautiful Body Clinics, wanting to help women just like her, feel great about themselves. You can contact her here directly,

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