butter stick

A great fat freezing result should look like this.

This is referred to as a “butter stick” or an “icypole” or “popsicle” of frozen fat cells. This is how your stomach should look immediately when the fat freezing (cryolipolysis) machine handle is taken off. Belly fat is usually more malleable and hence when it is drawn into the handle of the medical grade machines a frozen pocket of fat is created. These frozen fat cells are then returned to normal temperature (through a vigorous massage) and generally to the previous shape on your belly – but it will be slightly bloated and inflamed. This is when the cryolipolysis begins to work – the dead fat cells are attached by your immune system and passed out of your body naturally.

Best Place to get it done?

Our fat freezing Melbourne clinic is the only specialised clinic for cryolipolysis in the country. Because we are focused on best practices and using only the best equipment to give our clients the best fat freezing results. You can find our fat freezing Melbourne clinic in Moorabbin. We operate by appointment late nights and weekends. If you would like to know the cost of fat freezing and how it can get rid of your belly, give us a call or pop in for a free assessment.

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