How much does Cryolipolysis (Fat Freezing) cost?

If you need help with the cost of your Fat Freezing (Cryolipolysis) treatments we have a 6 month interest free option, with ZipMoney and with Afterpay.
Imagine having your treatment now, and paying it off over the next 6 months whilst your body transforms. For our standard package of 4 handles, through Zip money is less than $50 per week.

If you currently have ZipPay (for purchases up to $1000) or Zip Money (for purchases over $1000) either of these can be used for your treatment costs.  Afterpay is suitable for purchases under $1000

You will need to attend our clinic for an assessment to determine the number of handles you will need and therefore the costs of treatment. We then create a  purchase order for you and then send it to you via Zip or Afterpay.

We can conduct a free telephone assessment to provide an estimate of how many fat freezing handles you will need. However we do need to do an in clinic assessment to give you an exact cost.

Please contact us to conduct a free consultation in person at our clinic, with one of our trained specialists. Call 0466 061 013 (or go to our booking page and we will be in contact).

How much does fat freezing cost?

Coolsculpting is quoted to cost $650 per session whilst fat freezing treatment at our clinic costs $499 for a single session. Our fat freezing cost reduces with each session to as low as $386 per treatment area.

Cryolipolysis costs $499 for a single handle treatment giving you 30-40% fat loss in the treated area.  This equates to approximately 1.5 inches per hip or 3 inches off your hips. We are able to offer discounts for multiple handle packages. However to gain access to these prices -  we require you to attend the clinic for a free assessment.  Handles or fat freezing sessions can come down to as little as $386 each with our packages.  Subscribe here, to receive our current package price list.

Behavioural Change Program - included for free.

For each client we also offer our highly successful behavioural change program – which includes an audio copy of our automatic exercise subliminal track and  our stop emotional eating subliminal tracks. These are your to keep and listen to forever. This is great at getting into your subconscious thinking patterns and training your brain to have different thoughts. First you will look forward to exercise and make it a priority in your day – and then with the Emotional Eating – if  you are eating or snacking from boredom, frustration, loneliness or just simply because it is a habit – this track helps you stop this. These tracks are great to listen to in years to come if you find yourself lacking motivation to exercise of perhaps your eating has become out of control. Both tracks have been created and recorder by Beautiful Body Clinics – with our clients in mind – to ensure that you get the most out of your fat freezing results – all whilst offering you life time support.  Because we know that once we have changed the outside with fat freezing it is important to help with internal thought patterns and encourage a healthy lifestyle.

How many handles will I need?

Everybody is different and everyone has different desires so until we are able to physically assess you to understand your desired outcomes we cannot tell you the exact price of treatment. Review our Success stories page to see some of our customers results where you can calculate the cryolipolysis cost based on their images and treatments.

Better still head over to our IG and FB pages where you can see our most recent before and after photos and most recent treatment images.

Can I have repeat treatments on the same area?

Yes – after 30 days we can treat the same area again, this will give you further fat reduction/fat loss on the same area.

If I purchase a Fat Freezing Package how long will I have to use it?

6 months for the 6 handle package from the day your first treatment.
8 months for the 12 handle package from the day your first treatment.

How much will it cost for an assessment?

Nothing- we offer a free consultation as part of our service. Please just give us your height and weight (approx.) when we speak so we can assess your BMI as this will help us understand your general body type and shape.

Comparing prices?

As specialists in the fat freezing industry, we are confident that the service, recommendations and assessment that we provide is first class. Our cryolipolysis machines are world class and they are TGA approved. Our clinicians are specialists in the field.

Ultimately you get what you pay for in all areas of life, so if someone is offering a hugely discounted price for cryolipolysis then the machine may be less expensive, less effective and the results will be less too.

Be wary of discount shopping sites with advertisements for cheap treatments. Without disclosure, they offer a cheap price for a 30-minute session (claiming that you will get a 10% reduction in the area) with the hope to upsell you to longer sessions when you arrive. The cheaper handles do not work.

See further information about this in our blog

Can I get a quote over the phone for my fat freezing costs?

We are able to give you an approximate guide only over the phone by assessing your BMI and you desired results. As all patients are different we physically need to assess your body to give a firm price.

Is Coolsulpting Fat Freezing?

If you have heard about Coolsculpting – this is just a different way of saying fat freezing. Coolsculpting is just a trade name for a particular machine for Fat freezing. When you hear people say  Coolsculpting they are just using a name brand – like saying “hoovering the floor” when they mean vacuuming. Our fat freezing machine uses a better technology than the Coolsculpting machine due to the 360* cooling handles. This provides a much larger surface area treated and gives a much smoother result.

And just remember - your money is contributing to a good cause.

Beautiful Body Clinics are a proud supporter of B1G1 a global business initiative, where business do good. We want to give in a meaningful way, so every time we flatten a belly we fatten a belly somewhere in Africa or Asia. We want people in these countries to feel good too and a full belly is at least a start. Click here to see our giving to date. 

*Staff entirely at their discretion, may consider previous handle purchases cumulatively in order to offer free paddles.
**Appointment cancellation policy applies to all appointments.
***Unfortunately, no refunds for change of mind.