Netflix while fat freezing

A new take on Netflix and chill. Netflix and fat freeze. When you attend our Fat freezing Melbourne clinic this is generally what happens. You lay back and relax – and let us do all the work. This is so much easier than going to the gym. Fat freezing is relatively comfortable once the handles have been applied. When the machine pulls the tissue into the fat freezing handle there is some discomfort- but generally, this lasts only a few minutes. Throughout the treatment the fat cells are numb so there is no pan. Only after we remove the handles do you feel anything. Whilst we massage the area it is a little painful. Generally, our clients leave the clinic with no pain at all.

Best way to check if Fat Freezing treatment is working?

Rhianna fat freezing at

This client – a lovely Mum of 1 young child couldn’t see the difference in her fat loss until we created this before and after fat freezing result photo. Part of the importance of returning for your photos after fat freezing treatment is to gain these images. Over time this become used to the new slimmer shape of her stomach. We applied 4 handles on her abdomen in a diamond formation, 3 months ago. This after photo shows a massive reduction in her circumference – of 7cm. At our fat freezing clinic in Melbourne, we are strong to ensure that every client is aware that the transformation takes time and it may feel like you have not lost any fat, or changed shape. Looking at her abdomen every day makes the changes less obvious. We would recommend further treatments particularly in the lower abdomen if she was wanting to pull the stomach in further, however – if she is comfortable with the current shape and size of her stomach after this session of fat freezing then we are happy to celebrate her fantastic body with her.

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Linda Tsiokas – (Bachelor of Nursing) worked in various  hospital and surgical settings for just over 10 years  after  graduating from University in 1993. In 2015 as a busy working Mum – and despite a healthy  diet and frequent  exercise, nothing would help get rid of her belly. After having fat freezing treatment  she established Australia’s first Fat Freezing Specialist  clinic in Melbourne – Beautiful Body Clinics, wanting to help women just like her, feel great about themselves. You can contact her here directly,

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