Woman had session of fat freezing

It has been almost 2 years since we opened our fat freezing clinic in Melbourne and we are often asked if our treatment is the same as Coolsculpting and the answer is yes – in regards to the actual physiological aspects of the treatment.

What is Coolsculpting?

Coolsculpting is a trademarked name for a particular machine that does fat freezing. Coolsculpting has great brand awareness in the marketplace and many people search for the name directly when they are looking for fat freezing clinics. At our clinic, we have chosen the Clatuu machines as we believe that the fat freezing results gained by the 360* cooling handle are actually smoother and better than the Coolsculpting machine. The Clatuu provides a much larger surface area due to the whole handle cooling the skin and fat cells to which it is applied. As seen in the picture attached- a single handle will cover a circle with an approx. 15 cm diameter of fat and skin. Although the most concentration of fat loss will be the tissue in the central area of the handle there is fat cell death (fat cell apoptosis) to all of the tissue that is inside the handle. This, therefore, requires that your clinician is well trained and conducts an appropriate assessment of your fat to assess the location/density of the fatty tissue, the heaviest pockets and the direction that the fat lays on the area for treatment. During this assessment, these pockets of fat are marked with a pen so that the location of the handle is evident once the gel pads are placed onto the skin and once you lay down on the bed.

The image attached is a single handle on a women’s abdomen indicating the large surface area from a single handle/session of fat freezing.

We invite you to read up on the cryolipolysis results from our clients to see proof of successful treatment and head over to our IG or facebook page. Or schedule a consultation with our medical specialist to receive a personalized treatment plan based on your body type.

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