I have tried everything

How many time have you said – I have tried everything and nothing works? Well you may not be surprised how many of our clients say this too. I would conservatively say that 80% of our clients have tried more than a few forms of weight loss and it makes me smile every time, and of that there are many that say ‘I have tried everything’. From the diet pills that ‘send you crazy’ to ‘lemon detox diets’ that just make you hungry and wee a lot, I guess we have heard it all. We all considered the wobble board on those TV commercials – while the fat magically melts away to wearing a micro zapping belt that promises to give you flat abs in just 5 minutes per day. Given that these miracle system have been around for years, its clear that none of them actually work (otherwise we would all be doing it). Unfortunately we are all conned by the magic miracle claims and spend our hard earned money. We diet, we fail and all of this leads to a negative self-image through our critical self-talk. Although fat freezing is clinically proven there are some machines out there that don’t work (or work very little) and again women are wasting their hard earned money trying to obtain the elusive (until now) body.
The client that I assessed on Friday Anne, was a gorgeous 48 year old woman who had a lovely womanly size 12 figure, yet she hated the heaviness of her lower tummy. Our free assessment for fat freezing indicated that she would obtain fantastic results from 2 handles placed on her lower abdomen fat (belly fat) with a slight overlap in the centre where the tissue was most heavy. She has booked in for next week, knowing that with 7 weeks till Xmas – we will see results.
This client Anne, had a very similar figure to a client Jemima (the results attached). Jemima is a busy self-employed single mum and when she is not working she is parenting – so there is no time for the gym. There is not even enough time for the 5 minute abs video that she downloaded 5 months ago that guaranteed to get rid of belly fat. Jemima was ecstatic with her results, and so were we. We applied 2 fat freezing handles to Jemima’s lower belly (with the overlap) and she looks amazing. We have taken years off her figure, saved her thousands of $ because she can now fit into her old clothes comfortably , saved her from her negative self-criticism and better still given her the body she wanted and so much confidence just in time for summer.
Fat freezing works, but if you are looking into a clinic please beware of cheap machines and cheap prices because as always you get what you pay for. If you pay little, you will get little (if any results). There are cheap machines that you can import from Alibaba and they don’t work. (Some even have a heating cycle every 12 minutes …uhm sort of defeats the purpose don’t you think?).
If have any questions like how much does fat freezing cost or would like an assessment of what fat freezing treatment would be suitable for your stubborn areas please give us a call and we can talk you through the process.

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