How much weight will I lose with fat freezing?

Yesterday I had a client who asked me “How much weight will I lose with fat freezing?” and unfortunately the answer is – unknown, heaps, none or some. Sorry for the ambiguity but this is the reality of fat freezing.  Fat freezing works by killing the fat cells in the treated area, so you will definitely lose fat cells but this really is impossible (and  irresponsible for any fat freezing clinic) to give as a grams or kilos scale.  In the clinical trials conducted in 2014 the number of fat cells were reduced by 26% but what that equates to in weight on the scales is unknown.

We all know how our weight fluctuates on a daily basis, based on foods we eat (a carbohydrates absorb 4 grams of water, a protein absorbs 1 gram of water – hence the rapid “weight loss” when you start on an Atkins/Keto type diet and the reverse of weight gain when consumption of normal carbohydrates returns). Drinking a glass of water can increase you weight on the scales by 250grams instantly. (250mls water = 250 grams). A heavy meal the night before, hormone changes throughout the month (causing fluid retention and constipation) or high alcohol consumption the night before weigh in – can all cause large weight fluctuations. So the ability to relate weight loss to fat freezing is too unreliable.

It is probably better to describe the loss from Cryolipolysis in inches or centimetres, as this is easier to measure and less impacted by dietary fluctuations. Generally our clients lose about 1.5 inches per hip with each handle or cycle which is usually about a decrease in 1 dress size.  The amount of fat loss on a lower abdominal handle will give an approx. 1-1.5 inch decrease in belly fat. Taking this measurement needs to be done with care as any slight misplacement of the tape measure will create a different reading.  Can you imagine how good it feels to be one pant size smaller? All of those old jeans/pants that now fit with just one of 2 fat freezing handles.

After fat freezing, a lot of our clients do go on to lose weight, some as much as 18kgs. We believe this is because they have committed to doing something about themselves and are committed to making change. We talk about the “Do good, Feel good, Do Good” cycle where your psyche changes because you feel good about your body, so you do good for your body (through diet and exercise) which in turn makes you feel good, and so on.

At Beautiful Body Clinics, we encourage a good healthy diet and exercise – it not only burns calories, speeds up your metabolism, releases feel good hormones, has positive benefits to your cardio vascular health, digestion, flexibility, bone density and strength. Therefore we offer some assistance through a FREE download of our SUBLIMINAL AUTOMATIC EXERCISE TRACK, which encourages your subconscious to look forward to exercising and making it a joyful rewarding activity.

If you would like a copy of our Subliminal Exercise track – click here and we will send you a link.

So when it comes to the answer to how much weight will I lose through fat freezing, I’m sorry but we can’t give you an honest, accurate or definitive answer. I suppose it’s the same as the old saying goes – you can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make it drink.

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Linda Tsiokas – (Bachelor of Nursing) worked in various  hospital and surgical settings for just over 10 years  after  graduating from University in 1993. In 2015 as a busy working Mum – and despite a healthy  diet and frequent  exercise, nothing would help get rid of her belly. After having fat freezing treatment  she established Australia’s first Fat Freezing Specialist  clinic in Melbourne – Beautiful Body Clinics, wanting to help women just like her, feel great about themselves. You can contact her here directly,

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