‘Giving Back’ With Every Fat Freezing Treatment

When you choose Beautiful Body Clinics for your Fat Freezing treatment Melbourne – something amazing happens in the world.  

We are members of a global ‘giving’ movement called Buy1Give1 – so when you buy a Fat Freezing treatment from us, we give to a charity somewhere in the world. 

The best part is Buy1Give1 audits the charity every year so that we can be guaranteed that 100% of the money we give gets to the charity and the people that need it. 

This is a photo of me in 2018 in the middle of Kenya. Although we were having fun and seeing how hard it was to carry the water from the lake back to the village, there are some sad truths behind this image. 

Unfortunately for the women, when they get to the lake to get water, they are also busy searching for fish for their families because if they don’t have enough money for food, they have to sell their bodies to eat. Yep – sex. 

So sadly, there is a massively high incidence of HIV and AIDS in the community.  

With our help at Beautiful Body Clinics (and yours too) medication and transport to the hospitals for tests and pre-natal care for pregnant Mumma’s is provided. Which is critical because the incidence of transmission of HIV to their newborn is reduced significantly if the mother takes the anti-retroviral drug before delivery, during delivery and then during breast feeding. 

I think it is something like a 97% chance the child will be HIV free if the mother follows the drug regimen (but this requires transport, testing and then the medication which all which costs $$$)

On this study tour we also visited the hospitals, saw the challenging conditions and met the Nurses and Doctors. 

We are so lucky to live in Australia and so lucky that we can #payitforward. Thank you for supporting us – as we can then support others less fortunate.

If you have come this far in the blog and still unsure what Fat Freezing is, see below for a brief explanation:

What is Fat Freezing (Cryolipolysis) and how does it work?

As the name suggests, Cryolipolysis involves freezing the fat cells, which causes them to die off – permanently. A Cryo Handle is placed over the fatty area, and it ‘sucks up’ a handful of fat, and cools it to minus 9 degrees Celsius. Don’t worry, the skin is protected with a special membrane before the handle is applied to stop it from getting frostbite. These frozen fat cells are eliminated from the body over the next 3 months, leaving you with a permanently new shape. Think no more muffin top, mummy tummy, bra bulge or bingo wings. Feel fab in your jeans (and out of them too 😉). 

Fat freezing treatment at Beautiful Body Clinics

We specialise in fat freezing treatment as we believe that fat freezing is the most effective and cost-efficient way to permanently change your body shape. 

Fat freezing is also the safest treatment as there are no needles or blood or the need for an anaesthetic.

We offer free consultations in our fat freezing Melbourne clinic – so please click here or give us a call on 1300 BODY NOW (1300 2639 669) to book and let us start you on the way to find your beautiful body.

Author’s Bio:

Linda – (Bachelor of Nursing) had over 10 years of hospital and surgical work experience as a Registered Nurse (1994 – 2007), and was a busy working Mum when she established Australia’s first Fat freezing Specialised clinic in Melbourne – Beautiful Body Clinics Fat Freezing Specialists. This was after personally experiencing the life-changing results of fat freezing (also called Cryolipolysis or Coolsculpting) when she was unable to get rid of your tummy despite a healthy diet and frequent exercise program. You can contact her here directly, linda@beautifulbodyclinics.com.au


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