Through our research and conversations with hundreds of women, we have discovered the 5 steps to finding PEACE with your body , because we truly believe that it is imperative to change the inside (your thoughts and emotions) as well as changing your body (shape) through fat freezing.

Our first step is P – Priority which we discussed throughout August and now in September we are focusing on our second step – E for Empathy. As women it is very typical that we constantly criticise our bodies because of it’s shape, size, stretchmarks etc etc etc and etc. We also criticise ourselves for not getting to the gym or not sticking to the diet. And worse still if we decide to get some help – ie fat freezing or a house keeper we then go on to criticise ourselves more. We are influenced constantly by outside voices, ie – the media (magazines and now social media) and supposed experts who tell us that we just need a little will power or just 10 minutes a day – to get those washboard abs, or this new lemon detox diet and we will lose 10kg. And unfortunately this has major impacts on our psyche, these outside voice become internal. But we should be asking, Why is it wrong to get a little help when it comes to loving our bodies? If we change our hair colour why isn’t this helping us love our bodies? What is the difference?

We are living in a very fast age. The 1960’s gender gap really doesn’t exist as it did before. Women are encouraged to be in the workforce, whilst they still have a family. So our ability to have the perfect body – through 2 hours of meditation/yoga and a gym session everyday whilst preparing a fat free, organic, wholesome vegan macro perfect meal for ourselves and our families (plus the same for tomorrow) is near impossible. We have less and less time and more demands. So when we find something like fat freezing which is help you feel confident in your body, why are we so reluctant to have treatment?

So our second step to achieving PEACE with our bodies is Empathy. We really we need to give ourselves a break. Stop with the criticism and stop listening to all the experts that are telling us how we SHOULD live a better life. If we have a fat tummy and we don’t have time to get to the gym because of everything else in our lives, so be it. We shouldn’t be telling ourselves that we are lazy or disorganised, because in most cases working women and mums are far from lazy or disorganized.

So show yourself a little love, be kind and gentle on yourself. Congratulate yourself on all the good things that you do do. Your body has had babies, your heart beats on its own, your legs move you around, you are bringing home some bacon all whilst getting the kids to school, netball and play dates on time. So what if you can’t get to the gym and instead deal with your tummy through fat freezing, let this be ok. Some people consider a housekeep or a personal trainer a reasonable expense and need in today’s life, so why is this any different? We are here on this earth once (?) we’ve got one life, so enjoy it. Why struggle and battle with making a change that will ultimately make you feel happy?

So though out the month of September– listen to your internal dialogue and watch what is said on the outside. Start to focus on all the wonderful things that you do achieve, commit to, support, encourage and be kind to yourself. You are doing an amazing job.

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