Any of you feeling a little less than happy about your Easter indulgences? Well I was yesterday, so scrounging through my fridge for food I found a head of broccoli which I decided to cook and take  for my lunch.

Something I have been conscious of recently (as I am in the throws of book writing) is what is my personal philosophy of food, exercise and body image, in regards to fat freezing and the clients I treat.

For a number of years now I have eaten mainly clean, green and relatively healthy (mostly).  I try to avoid highly refined processed carbohydrates but sometimes I don’t.  HELLO EASTER!

So when I chose to take this broccoli to work for my lunch I thought about how it would make me feel rather than what eating if would make me look like  – by counting and comparing its  caloric value and the potential impact on my waistline. Instead I relished in the prebiotics, nutrients and fibre in it and thought about the value this offered to my bodies cells.    I probably ate 2 medium Easter Eggs over the last week. To  be honest as I ate them I didn’t punish myself or feel bad (although I did feel a little sick). I knew that it was a choice and really at the end of the day, they would make no difference to my body.  This is something that is happening to me now more and more frequently. I choose the eat what I want rather than coming from a place of denial (or I shouldn’t eat that).

So when it came to choosing the broccoli I no longer took it because I should. I took it because I wanted too. This mental shift of should to could is something I find myself doing regularly in regards to diet and exercise now and it is a lovely shift.  This principle of exercising choice – from using could versus should is something I talk about in my book.

And I am fortunate to say that this is how I choose to look at food now. Yes – I have had fat freezing and I now completely love my body, I love my curves and my shape. But its not just the fat freezing that has done it. It is with a new consciousness  and using my 5 step process to  PEACE ®  with my body, that I am in control and I now  allow myself to make choices regarding my food rather than choosing food from a place of denial, obligation or guilt.

So I encourage all of you, to make the choice to change your vocabulary. Just start by simply using the word could instead of should, and see how you feel.

If you are interested in pre-registering for my book (working title) Body Possible, please send me a quick email and I will be in contact when it is released (expected September 2018) ! Or if you have any questions about our fat freezing clinic in Melbourne, give me a call.


Continue to Be Beautiful,

Linda Tsiokas


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