chin fat freezing treatment

Yes, we do chins.

Double chin fat freezing is permanent so ensure you use only professional experienced clinicians as you’ve only got one body. If you are considering having your chin treated please ask for client photos – before and after from the clinic before you decide. There are many machines available on the market that doesn’t stay at the set temperature potentially causing burns or causing too much fat being treated. There are many unqualified people performing fat freezing treatments that don’t understand the physiological process properly and are just out to make a quick buck. This is your body. You wouldn’t go to a plastic surgeon just because he was cheap or because she told you ‘no problems’ I can do your chin. You would ask for before and after photos of all of their work. The same applies to fat freezing Melbourne. You don’t want lumps and bumps, especially on your face.

Before and After Photos of Hips Fat freezing treatment (9 weeks)

hips fat freezing treatment

This lovely lady had fat freezing treatment in our Melbourne clinic on her hips just 9 weeks ago. Fat freezing takes up to 16 weeks to see the maximum results – so you can imagine how good she is going to look, let alone feel in 7 weeks’ time. She was truly beaming when we went through her photos and her outfit reflected her new self-confidence. She said, “There is no way I would have worn this outfit 9 weeks ago”. These types of conversations and photos are why we love our job. We make women and men love themselves. Fat freezing is permanent. We are the fat freezing specialists and we offer free assessments in our Moorabbin clinic. All treatments are conducted by experienced Registered Nurses.

At Beautiful Body Clinics, we pride ourselves on our conservative approach to body sculpting through freezing fat –  as we want to do it only once and do it right. It’s your one and only body – treat it carefully.

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