Cellulite is a very common condition amongst women (more so than men) and despite its pesky presence, there is nothing to date that offers a permanent solution to get rid of cellulite.  

So we often get asked – does fat freezing treat cellulite? 

What is cellulite?

First, let’s get to the bottom of what cellulite actually is.  Cellulite is caused by tight connective cords that connect the skin to the underlying muscle.   In this space there are also fat cells, so the tightness of these cords pulling down on the skin, while the fat cell pushes up against the skin, gives a dimpled and uneven appearance, a.k.a. Cellulite.

The presence of cellulite is commonly recognised as having a genetic inheritance – handed down from your parents (thanks Mum). It really is the tightness of the cords pulling down on the skin.  This is why – we have skinny friends who still have cellulite, whilst we have bigger friends without it. It is not about the size of the fat cell or the number of cells,  but more about the tightness of the cord. 

Ways to reduce the appearance of cellulite

You can however reduce the appearance of cellulite through weight loss. If the fat cells are smaller – then there is less pressure in the cords and the appearance reduces.  However, if there is any weight gained in the future, the fat cells grow and the cords become tighter again, showing the indent on the skin level.    

You may have heard that fat cavitation and radio frequency treatments offer a limited reduction in the appearance of cellulite. Both of these systems (through the introduction of heat and ultrasound shock waves) cause temporary inflammation, heat and energy in the area treated. This offers a  temporary relaxing of the cords and thereby creating a smoother appearance and an appearance of the reduction in cellulite. However once this energy has left the body (a few hours to a few days) the cords contract and the dimples (cellulite) return.  A vigorous massage essentially does the same – temporary inflammation, relaxation of cords, tightening and lifting and then the dimples return.  

There is also surgical intervention for the treatment of cellulite. This process involves cutting the cord  that is pulling down on the skin – hence no dimple pockets. However the numerous cords and fat cells that would need to be treated (and the recovery period with the concurrent potential for scarring!) make this a very restricted option for treatment. It is also very expensive and difficult to find a surgeon who will do this type of treatment.

Cellulite Treatment 

Fat freezing however is a great treatment to reduce cellulite. Fat freezing permanently reduces the number of fat cells in the treated area (fat freezing kills the fat cells which are then eliminated from the body). Fat freezing focuses on  the subcutaneous  fat cells (the cells underneath the skin but above the muscle layer) and by reducing the number of fat  cells in this space the cords have less tension and the skin layer is therefore smooth. 

Fat freezing treatment at Beautiful Body Clinics

We specialise in fat freezing treatment as we believe that fat freezing is the most effective and cost-efficient way to permanently change your body shape. 

Fat freezing is also the safest treatment as there are no needles or blood or the need for an anaesthetic.

We offer free consultations in our fat freezing Melbourne clinic – so please click here or give us a call on 1300 BODY NOW (1300 2639 669) to book and let us start you on the way to find your beautiful body.

Author’s Bio:

Linda – (Bachelor of Nursing) had over 10 years of hospital and surgical work experience as a Registered Nurse (1994 – 2007), and was a busy working Mum when she established Australia’s first Fat freezing Specialised clinic in Melbourne – Beautiful Body Clinics Fat Freezing Specialists. This was after personally experiencing the life-changing results of fat freezing (also called Cryolipolysis or Coolsculpting) when she was unable to get rid of your tummy despite a healthy diet and frequent exercise program. You can contact her here directly, linda@beautifulbodyclinics.com.au


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