Does fat cavitation work?  

Quite often we have clients attend our clinic for fat freezing because they have been disappointed by their fat cavitation results – having little or no positive fat loss.  So, I thought it is pertinent to address the commonly asked question. Does fat cavitation work?

In our experience there is LITTLE to NO permanent fat loss results from fat cavitation. Although we are constantly approached by beauty equipment suppliers*  to purchase their fat cavitation machines, (the medical device suppliers do not support fat cavitation – probably because there is little clinically proven evidence that fat cavitation works). 

So …. here are my thoughts on fat cavitation:

What is fat cavitation?

Fat cavitation is claimed to be a method of ultrasound shock waves being administered to the subcutaneous tissue via a hand piece that is moved across the body during treatment. This is similar to a massage type feel.  The reports/blogs say that the fat cell – shaken vigorously by the ultrasound wave – is shaken so hard that it pushes the lipid (liquid fat) out of the fat cell. This lipid is then collected and reabsorbed from the interstitial space (space surrounding tissue cells) into the lymphatic system, hence reducing the layer of fat. 

So – the lipid (liquid fat) has been expulsed from the fat cell and the liquid fat is sitting in the interstitial space.  The  lymphatic system collects and transports the liquid lipid and other debris  via the venous system into the liver and kidneys.  Filtering of this debris occurs and the liquid fat (lipid) and waste materials are then passed into the bladder and bowels for elimination. Some claim that the empty fat cells leftover (once the lipid has been expelled) are also absorbed and eliminated via the lymphatic system, whilst the other school of thought (and a more likely scenario) is that the empty fat cells are just sitting there like deflated rubber balloons, waiting to fill back up.

Despite the multiple claims and amazing ‘before and after pics’ of fat cavitation results, and the blogs that we read online, we are yet to find a medical grade fat cavitation device that provides physical evidence supported by peer reviewed clinical trials.  This is where other qualified Doctors and Pathologists review the data (including histology – cells under the microscope) to confirm that the trail was conducted properly.  In fact, it is nearly impossible to access any type of clinical trial results via the web due to the massive amount of blog and reports and advertising – on search engines all showing the superficial non-evidence-based information on fat cavitation. Also I  would suggest that if your friend has had fat cavitation and had amazing results – she would have told you about it  and you wouldn’t be researching fat cavitation here. So with the lack of real evidence, essentially  fat cavitation is an expensive massage with the help of a  machine.

When studying for my Bachelor of Nursing Degree, I was taught that a result isn’t just a pretty before and after photo, one person’s blog or a white paper (a fancy sounding report written by a Doctor with a small sample size – low number of  trial participants – who is possibly on the payroll of the equipment manufacturer). A clinical trial that includes 10 women – is NOT a clinical trial.  A claim that it is clinically proven with an asterisk can mean anything. You really need to get to the source.

The Verdict

So in my opinion, fat cavitation does not work for permanent fat loss.  There may be a temporary tightening and lifting of the tissue and cells in the treated area (after fat cavitation) which may give the impression of fat loss, however it is most likely only “temporary” in nature.  Most fat cavitation treatments (and before and after images) are after a series of repeated treatments at weekly intervals. If it works, wouldn’t you just need 1 treatment and then wait to see the results? 

I do believe that there may however be a time and place for fat cavitation. If I was a model walking the catwalk or in a bikini photoshoot – a couple of sessions prior to the event  would mean a tight butt/thighs/abdo for the photo, however the shape and size and skin texture would slowly go back to normal in the following hours and days after. (Actually, I would have waaaay more than a couple of sessions if I was a catwalk model).

Fat freezing (Cryolipolysis) vs Fat cavitation

Fat cavitation can potentially provide a temporary reduction in the visibility of cellulite – however again, once the energy and heat and temporary inflammation dissipate from the treated area, you are back at square one. The fat cells remain and fill back up (if they were actually ever empty).  If you want to know more about what cellulite is –  you can click here.

In our clinic – we have chosen to only use Cryolipolysis (fat freezing) for fat reduction. Cryolipolysis is recognised as the gold class treatment for PERMANENT FAT LOSS.  (To understand how fat freezing  – also known as Coolsculpting – works click here).  Our fat freezing device is a medical grade (Class 11a) recognised by the TGA as having efficacy and safety, which is why we get such amazing medical grade results.

Fat freezing treatment at Beautiful Body Clinics

We specialise in fat freezing treatment as we believe that fat freezing is the most effective and cost-efficient way to permanently change your body shape. 

Fat freezing is also the safest treatment as there are no needles or blood or the need for an anaesthetic.

We offer free consultations in our fat freezing Melbourne clinic – so please click here or give us a call on 1300 BODY NOW (1300 2639 669) to book and let us start you on the way to find your beautiful body.

Author’s Bio:

Linda – (Bachelor of Nursing) had over 10 years of hospital and surgical work experience as a Registered Nurse (1994 – 2007), and was a busy working Mum when she established Australia’s first Fat freezing Specialised clinic in Melbourne – Beautiful Body Clinics Fat Freezing Specialists. This was after personally experiencing the life-changing results of fat freezing (also called Cryolipolysis or Coolsculpting) when she was unable to get rid of your tummy despite a healthy diet and frequent exercise program. You can contact her here directly,


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