At Beautiful Body Clinics we know the 5 pillars to finding PEACE with your body – with or without a little help (ie fat freezing) and August was the month of P for Priority. I had been focusing my IG and FB posts on this little nugget, asking my friends to think about where they put themselves on the list of priority in their lives. We did some research a few months ago and women tend to put their needs at number 7. Below the kids, the housework, the husband, their job and other things. This means that we are virtually putting our health and happiness last on the list of things to do. I know that my days are full of everything else and at 9pm at night I find myself flopping on the couch then saying – You didn’t exercise, you didn’t do any meditation etc etc (all critical and negative).

It was through conversations with many women as they were lying on the table having fat freezing (or through my conversations with my female friends) that these 5 pillars of finding PEACE came through. The conversations were always the same.’ I just don’t have time, I never can get to the gym, my life is so busy etc etc all of these absolute truth when it comes to our busy lives. Now there is always the smug fit personal trainer who says – ‘there is always time’ or something similar or equally condescending – but finding this time to exercise or make tomorrows’ healthy lunch and the motivation to do these every day is really hard, when everything in your life is pulling you away from it. The kids, the housework, your job, your partner and friends.

So finding PEACE with your body (even if you do get a little help – ie botox or fat freezing) requires a certain level of consciousness as to where you put yourself and your needs. Most women will easily spend money on their kids, yet they will deny themselves the time each day for the gym, or the money for a house keeper or a couple of sessions of fat freezing. Some women consider having this ‘help’, to be a selfish or too vain or that they are lazy/slack. It’s weird, we wouldn’t deny our children something to make them happy or the husband a set of golf clubs, yet we deny spending time or money on ourselves.

So throughout August we hope you focused on becoming aware of where you spend your time/money/energy on PRIORITISING yourself.

September is EMPATHY, so stay tuned…. We focus on giving yourself and your body a break!

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