About Us

Linda Founding Director, Bachelor of Nursing

“As a woman with 2 children, I found it impossible to move the fat that was on my belly. When I heard about fat freezing I spent many months researching the technology, the machines and most importantly the clinical trials. Having a Bachelor of Nursing and in the past having worked in various hospital settings for 10 years, including operating and cosmetic surgery clinics, I had the ability to understand the technology and once I had treatment I was so happy with my fat sculpting results that I created Beautiful Body Clinics. I believe that mother nature, like many of us, just needs a little hand, so with Beautiful Body Clinics we make a huge difference in people’s lives. I am so proud of Beautiful Body Clinics and what we stand for. Every day I wake up and help people feel fantastic again."

Our mission is to provide affordable, effective treatment to women and men to help them feel fantastic again.

  • We use the only 'TGA' approved machine available which has a 360° cooling handle. This provides the largest area of fat cells frozen in one treatment.
  • Our fat freezing results are smoother and more natural than the traditional 2 peltier (plate) systems found in the Coolsculpting and the Cooltech handles.
  • Our clinicians are all extensively trained in cryolipolysis / fat freezing treatments.

The foundations of Beautiful Body Clinics


We want you to become a priority in your life. As women and mothers, we always put ourselves and our choices last. You spend money and time on the kids activities without a second thought. You hold down a job, manage a house and provide love and support to your family. You question the expense of your annual gym membership, whilst your partner goes off on a golf weekend.

Beautiful Body Clinics, wants you to recognise and re-evaluate where you are in your priorities. When you are happy, connected and engaged, then your kids, family, lover, employer and friends all benefit too.

Prioritising you is the only way to get there. Just take a moment to consider where you are in the list of priorities of your life. Do you think you may need to make some changes?

Our foundations will help you create positive changes in your life and help you feel amazing both inside and outside. Let us help you find your Beautiful Body.


We empathise with how you feel. We were there too. We understand how confusing it is seeing the media’s portrayal of the ideal size 8 photo shopped body, whilst on the other hand you are told to celebrate your curves, while trying to squeeze into your favorite jeans. We get it! Confusion, expectations and modern life have us beat. We offer no judgment as we have an honest understanding and absolute empathy to the realities of modern life.

We make changes to physical appearance and we aim to make positive change to people’s relationships - with themselves, their loved ones and food.


It’s time to accept your body and the reality of your modern lifestyle. We can’t do diet and exercise all the time and even if we did Mother Nature has her own plan.

Accept that your body changes with age, accept that we have a sedentary life, accept that you need to work a job, have a career, manage the kids and the house. Accept that you can’t have the model size 8 bo
dy (it is photoshopped anyway). And we need you to accept that you may need just a little bit of help. Love yourself and give yourself a little credit. You are amazing to get through life as it is. Accept how awesome you really are.


Whether you  have made the choice to have cryolipolysis or not,  we strongly believe you need to make  good choices and perhaps make some changes in your life, whether is it with your thought processes, your priorities or your habits,  to have a healthy mind and body.

Changes and habits  are usually much easier to make in fact they even begin to naturally occur once you start to feel good about your body.

Exercise and diet are important in maintaining your Beautiful Body and this is not only from a physical appearance perspective. The emotional benefits of a healthy diet and regular exercise regime are well documented too.



Post fat freezing treatment, we encourage a clean green diet to assist your body eliminate the toxins and dead fat cells. Click here to download our post cryolipolysis  treatment diet and exercise guidelines.

We highly suggest that you follow these recommendations to speed up your results, improve your recovery and start to establish some healthy habits along the way.

Exercise not only increases your metabolism but with exercise your body releases feel good chemicals (endorphins). The cycle of feel good, do good, feel good begins.


We want you to be educated in regards to your expected results from cryolipolysis fat sculpting prior to treatment. There are too many big fat lies in the beauty industry by both professionals and non-professionals who make ludicrous claims.

We pride ourselves on educating our clients on treatment expectations, post fat freezing treatment  behaviour and costs. We stand by our honesty.

As part of our commitment to your success we also offer our clients access to our free subliminal automatic exercise track. This subliminal track encourages you to exercise. The gentle rain sounds over lay the subliminal messages that speak to your subconscious brain, making exercise something you look forward to doing.

Save the file into your smart phone and listen to the track each night as you go to sleep. It may take a few sessions for it to work however we find that it changes your feelings of exercise into an excited positive “when can I fit it in to my day?” feeling, from the guilt ridden, negative …”I can't fit it in”.